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Let Us Take You On A Sojourn Down Memory Lane

by Fern McCoy on 30th August 2019 No comments

Mr Hobbs Gin is Henley’s first Highly-Spirited gin and part of our family boating business Hobbs of Henley. We have a bit of a unique story when it comes to our journey into the world of gin which we’d like to share a little snippet of for your reading pleasure.

Back in 1870 Mr Harry Hobbs, founder of Hobbs and Sons (now Hobbs of Henley) and local publican, was renowned throughout the town of Henley on Thames for his flamboyant beard and high-spirited nature. Today, you will find his cheerful face proudly emblazoned on the Mr Hobbs Gin bottles where he has taken up formal residency since our launch in 2017.

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Fern McCoyLet Us Take You On A Sojourn Down Memory Lane