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Summer Soirees and The Cocktails to Compliment Them

by Fern McCoy on 2nd August 2019 No comments

The Great British Summertime: A period of shindigs and celebrations. Will it rain? Will it shine? We aren’t to know, nor should we care.

Perhaps a spot of boules on the lawn is your idea of a blow out or maybe you prefer an all weather wingding? Either way, pick your poison, it’s August which means it’s time for a good old fashioned jollification with your chosen chums.

Whether you’re organising a traditionally civilised English garden party or an all out raucous hootenanny- we’ve got the perfect cocktails to galvanise your guests.

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Fern McCoySummer Soirees and The Cocktails to Compliment Them

It’s good to be Brit!

by Fern McCoy on 10th July 2019 No comments

Ah July! We’ve been waiting for you.

We’ve had rowers whizzing down the Thames over Henley Regatta we’ve got tennis balls swooshing through the sky for Wimbledon and with the current government in disarray, a new Prime Minister is on the horizon- has it ever felt better to be Brit?

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Fern McCoyIt’s good to be Brit!

Our top 5 ways to keep fit and healthy this Summer

by Fern McCoy on 29th May 2019 No comments

Every year, at around this time, the same articles start doing the rounds. You MUST have seen them by now. It’s the highly popular ‘news’ that gin soothes hay fever and we need to start knocking them back now to save ourselves before the pollen renders us immobile throughout May to September. Backed by industry professionals, we all love to hear how our favourite tipple is helping to keep us healthy.

‘’Asthma UK says that while alcoholic drinks like beer and red wine often make hay fever and asthma worse, switching your regular bar order to gin might help to relieve symptoms more than other drinks.’’

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Fern McCoyOur top 5 ways to keep fit and healthy this Summer

It’s time to get a SPRING in your step

by Fern McCoy on 16th April 2019 No comments

Never mind the April showers, Spring has (technically) sprung, and there’s lots to be getting excited about at Mr Hobbs Gin.

It was a typically long and cold Winter but luckily it gave us the perfect excuse to hunker down and start working on what is currently a very, top secret, new project involving (drum roll) another Mr Hobbs Gin product. Now we can’t say too much for the time being but just know that there are tastings, designs and launches being worked on this very second and we can’t wait to update you with more juicy details.

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Fern McCoyIt’s time to get a SPRING in your step

Love is in the air…Or maybe it’s just the gin!

by Fern McCoy on 6th February 2019 No comments

Married? Single? It’s complicated? Or perhaps, in a long-term, devoted relationship with gin?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we have scoped out the best gin related gifts for the loves of your lives. Even if the love of your life is yourself, actually, especially if the love of your life is yourself!

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Fern McCoyLove is in the air…Or maybe it’s just the gin!

Out and about with Mr Hobbs Gin

by Fern McCoy on 11th January 2019 No comments

Welcome to January, it’s the month for making resolutions, planning, fresh starts, good intentions… it’s exciting!

We have been using all the nice new stationery that Father Christmas gave us and have popped together a little run down of where you can catch the Mr Hobbs team over the next few months and wanted to share it with you, our wonderful customers, suppliers and friends.

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Fern McCoyOut and about with Mr Hobbs Gin

2019 Gin Trends to keep you feeling gin-tellectual

by Fern McCoy on 12th December 2018 No comments

What a year it’s been. Gin has overtaken vodka in sales for the first time in the history of the world with what is considered ‘local and regional brands’ driving these figures.

Artisan, small batch gins are up 167%, compared with a 30% rise in mass-produced brands. I.e. yours truly, Mr Hobbs Gin- *wink wink, nudge nudge*.

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Fern McCoy2019 Gin Trends to keep you feeling gin-tellectual