Reasons to Be Grateful

by Fern McCoy on 25th March 2020 2 comments

Hands up if you’re spending a tad more time in the homestead than usual! Yes, us too.

It’s been sort of a rather hazy and bizarre couple of weeks hasn’t it? And that’s not from too many Mr Hobbs Gin’s before you ask 😉

The current state of play has come with its challenges but has highlighted some wonderful reasons to be grateful.

We’ve been doing a spot of crisis control looking after the immediate changes that became necessary, the business and of course our delightful customers. But we are pleased to announce that RG9 residents are really enjoying our new ‘FREE Gin Home Delivery Service’- and we love still being able to supply you. This will be an ongoing service until we’re told it can’t be, so head to the website, pick your order, enter your address and you’ll see the option of FREE shipping appear. Chin chin! *Website still also open to regular orders from near and far.  

The new Mr Hobbs 150 which we were SO looking forward to launching this month has been, shall we say, waylaid for the time being. This was of course not our plan but as the saying goes some of ‘the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ We’ll take the opportunity though to really refine those finishing touches, get some even bigger and better celebrations ready for when it would be somewhat more appropriate.

Similarly, our beloved parent company Hobbs of Henley is now temporarily closed for the safety of our patrons but hopefully this’ll now give us even more opportunity to get that 150-year commemoration extra special and ready to observe when the time is right again.

Look at these past two weeks though, the positivity expressed throughout the wider community, the country and dare we say THE WORLD. What an amazing effort there has been to come together in the face of adversity, and we have been touched and inspired by others and our own close-knit team.

Here are our reasons to be grateful today, and forever:

  • Our courageous NHS force of superheroes, battling every day to save others, whilst having to sacrifice themselves in many cases. A gobsmacking 170,000 retired or volunteer health professionals have put themselves forward to come and support the current force. Not all heroes wear capes, but these ones deserve our utmost respect.
  • The British military have a whopping 20,000 service men and women on standby who will be doing everything from transporting oxygen, scoping out potential hospital sites and working with “local resilience forums” to prepare their response to the outbreak. This will be the biggest response for their industry since the Iraq war, please take a moment to recognise their stoicism historically through to the present day uncertainty – we salute you.
  • Now, reserve any political standpoints where possible, because the Government – lead by the often-divisive Bo-Jo – has gone where no Government has gone before to offer support to those who need it most. The Chancellor has blessed us with news of the financial help they’ll be offering to employees, and this is said to be added to over the next few weeks again. Hats off chaps.
  • Essential workers, more essential than ever, still out and about making sure that structurally and logistically the country can continue to run as optimally as manageable right now. May we pledge a concerted effort to thank them where we can because they are the everyday champions making it possible for life to carry on with some semblance of normality.

Join us in being grateful in what is a bit of a rough ol’ period of time we are lumped with, but we have to remain thoroughly British and keep those ruddy chins up chaps.

Stay Safe & Healthy,

Mr Hobbs Gin

Fern McCoyReasons to Be Grateful

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  • Jeffrey Lambert - 14th April 2020 reply

    Thinking I would not be using my BA avios points anytime soon I took the opportunity to cash some in for gin through BA partner Laithwaites. I chose Sipsmiths as I live in the West Country and fish the Tamar with Sam Galsworthy, a founder of Sips. When the order arrived, however, it contained half a dozen bottles of Hobbs Henley! Initially disappointed I reserved judgement until tasting and can now report am converted to Hobbs. Well done!

    Fern McCoy - 14th April 2020 reply

    Ha Ha! Thanks for this Jeffrey- must’ve been fate 😉 Enjoy, and we’ve got plenty more of where that came from. Cheers!

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