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The Original Since 1870

Harry Hobbs’s old recipe dates back to 1870, we have based the 2017 recipe on five of his original botanicals, one of which is still a family secret, and added Lime Flower and Lemon Peel to give it a citrus twist. Beginning with fragrant floral notes and soft marshmallow, zesty citrus adds clarity and bite amongst savoury juniper and sharp Orris root.


Promotes healing and protection against negative energies. Once distilled, Angelica has a lovely earthy flavour, both bitter and herbal which carries through beautifully.


Its name meaning, a type of mallow which is found in the marshes. Sourced in the meadows behind the Hobbs boatyard, famed for its internal soothing properties.

Lemon Peel

Containing a spectrum of vitamins and minerals this particular botanical is ideal for giving you an overall nutritional boost. Rich in vitamin C and perfect for cleansing the system- not only is it good for your insides it actually slows down the ageing process, which explains how Mr Hobbs always kept his youthful playfulness.

Lime Flower

Traditionally used to treat headaches, think of it as a precautionary element for any occasional overindulgence.

Orris Root

With a lovely sweet, floral scent, orris root demands at least five years of preparation before going into our gin. Not only was it used for Mr Hobbs’ drinks it was later favoured by French couturier Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in the perfumer’s famous No.5 – Harry always was clearly a bit of a trend setter!


Best known for flavouring gin, Juniper is responsible for the drink’s name – A bit of dinner party trivia: Gin is a shortening of the Dutch word for juniper, genever.

The Perfect Serve

Mr Hobbs suggests you pour a generous slug of his Henley gin over plenty of good quality ice, pair it with a premium tonic water and finish with a curl of orange peel to garnish.

Mr Hobbs Gin is a 45% Distilled Gin with strength and flavour. The mix of traditional and local botanicals create a distinctive taste reminiscent of old style ‘Export’ Strength Gins. The introduction of a curl of orange peel brings out the citrus notes and gives a complex, long and smooth refreshing finish.