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As the lovely, locals will well know, we have been somewhat submerged by the latest flooding in Henley. Along the waterfront is currently unrecognisable so now we are hoping for a little more sunshine and a lot less showers in the next few weeks.

We are putting the finishing touches on the new Mr Hobbs 150 gin that we are about to launch and will be delighted to share it with you next month. Keep an eye and an ear out for the release date and when you’ll be able to get yourself a nice large measure if it. We’ve been working super hard to get it absolutely perfect and can’t wait to see what you think of it.

Mr Hobbs 150 is a classic London Dry Gin with the same quintessential English heritage upon which our brand is built. It marks our very exciting 150-year anniversary of Hobbs of Henley, which was established way back in 1870 by our namesake and mischievous gin lover Mr Harry Hobbs.

It is bursting with 14 botanicals including the light perfumed notes of Cubeb Berries with warmth and spice from Black Pepper and Cardamom. There are nuanced floral notes from Meadowsweet and Elderflower that are both locally sourced on the Riverbanks of the Thames, followed by the refreshing citrus notes of Yuzu and Lime. You can expect a luxurious libation meant for sipping and cherishing, balanced with a premium light tonic water and garnished with Lime and fresh Ginger, or effortlessly enjoyed in a myriad of cocktails. All this to look forward to in Spring 2020 and beyond.

Brace yourselves for a serious gin that will leave you wanting more!

Mother’s Day is creeping up on us now so remember to purchase your Mr Hobbs Gin infused truffles from our website, everyone knows Mummy’s love choccies! Or perhaps you can see your mother dearest sipping on a delightful Mr Hobbs Gin Fruit Flavoured Gin Liqueur and prosecco on the special day. We have something for everyone on the Mr Hobbs Gin store– check it out for gifts a’plenty.

We’ve mentioned the mum’s so moving on to the dad’s as well. We’re pleased to also announce we have partnered with the very prestigious John Lewis to bring you a Mr Hobbs Gin pop up shop in our local Oxford store between 15th and 21st June. Right on schedule for picking up those Father’s Day prezzies! We’d love to see as many friendly faces as possible so please do pop down to say hello and perhaps sample some of our latest and greatest products.

Alongside our parent company Hobbs of Henley we are starting a fun and delicious new initiative featuring our friends and fellow drinks producers in the area; Fairmile Vineyard, Loddon Brewery & Brakspear. We are offering customers the chance to pick ‘n’ mix their favourite local beverages when they book a boat and we will gather up the tipples and have them awaiting you on the vessel of your choice. We’ll share the link to book your river trip with all the right thirst quenchers ready for your outing in the next few weeks- just got to dry out a little before then.

Thanks for reading and your continued support. Until next time, Mr Hobbs Gin.