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Married? Single? It’s complicated? Or perhaps, in a long-term, devoted relationship with gin?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we have scoped out the best gin related gifts for the loves of your lives. Even if the love of your life is yourself, actually, especially if the love of your life is yourself!

How about a personalised, absolutely gorgeous deluxe crystal cut gin glass in the hugely popular Copa de Balon shape? You can get a name or word inscribed as part of the price, like a sweet little nickname for your significant other perhaps. No partner? No problem! The words ‘hands off my gin’ would suffice.

Link to glass.

The perfect way to set the mood and create a relaxing gin and tonic drinking environment has got to be a candle. DIY aromatherapy in this one comes courtesy of the juniper botanical fragrance, or if you want to sound super sultry then say ‘Le genre botanique des genévriers’- everything sounds more attractive in French, that’s just a fact.

Link to candle.

To quote C.S. Lewis “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” I think he must have meant G&T rather than cup of tea, but a quote’s a quote! If there’s a bookworm in your life who would be impressed by a touch of gin-telect then try on this gin-themed manual for size. Guaranteed to be full of titbits on our favourite tipple to impress friends with at dinner parties or down at the pub.

Link to book.

The way to a man’s, or woman’s, heart is said to be through their stomach. The Holborn Dining Room is a one stop shop when it comes to cleverly combining a gin bar containing London’s largest collection of gin, with a dedicated Pie Room (yes, Pie Room, a room to eat pie in, genius)- Celebrating our very English love of gin with one of Britain’s most iconic dishes. Winner, winner, pie & gin dinner!

Link to restaurant/ bar.

Fun fact: Chocolate is said to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac, this is down to two of the chemicals released when it’s consumed; tryptophan and phenylethylamine. Now you can sound clever AND sexy while you’re scoffing down chocolates, you’re welcome. I didn’t think I could imagine anything better than a milk chocolate and fresh cream ganache truffle until very recently… Then, we launched our very own Mr Hobbs Gin milk chocolate and fresh cream ganache truffles which are infused with orange oil and, you guessed it, GIN! Available now on our website so you can start your very own love affair with them.

Link to chocolates.

Have a most enjoyable Valentine’s Day, love from Mr Hobbs Gin.