Mr Hobbs Gin- A Love Story

by Fern McCoy on 22nd January 2020 No comments

Love is in the air, everywhere we look around.

February, the month we celebrate Saint Valentine and all things amoré. It’s a time for gift giving, gift receiving, and secret admirers can present themselves, all in the name of luuuurve. Well, at Mr Hobbs Gin, you may be surprised to know, we have a little office romance of our own and it’s about time we spill the beans.

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Fern McCoyMr Hobbs Gin- A Love Story

Mr Hobbs Gin’s New Years Resolutions

by Fern McCoy on 8th January 2020 No comments
Happy New Year

Dearest Discerning Drinkers,

We hope you had the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years. It’s that time again where we take stock and look forward to everything that 2020 has in store. Here you will find our very own Mr Hobbs Gin New Year’s Resolutions:

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Fern McCoyMr Hobbs Gin’s New Years Resolutions

Spooky Sipping: Halloween Gin Cocktails

by Fern McCoy on 21st October 2019 No comments

All hallows eve approaches and thus, so do the parties.

Whether you’re hosting at home, attending a do or taking the little ones out to accept sweeties from strangers; gin will certainly be needed.

Behold three options to keep the whistles whet and the ghoulies at bay.

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Fern McCoySpooky Sipping: Halloween Gin Cocktails

Proud New Members of The Gin Guild

by Fern McCoy on 15th October 2019 No comments
Our Co-Founders Suzy & Jonathan Hobbs are proud to announce they were installed as Wardens of The Gin Guild as Brand Owners of Mr Hobbs Gin, and were amongst the new members joining The Gin Guild and taking their oath at The Mansion House, London on 11th October 2019.
The Gin Guild brings together gin distillers and industry leaders involved in the production, promotion, distribution and consumption of gin. It promotes and encourages commitment to excellence in gin distillation and industry custodianship of the spirit category.
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Fern McCoyProud New Members of The Gin Guild

October: Sloe But Steady Wins The Race

by Fern McCoy on 1st October 2019 No comments

October often conjures up images of plush green turning to brown and the leaves falling to make way for the Winter months.

Sunrise is shrouded in mist, there’s a nip in the air that suggests nothing will survive the cold that’s in store. This is just not true though. There is one rather sumptuous, cobalt blue fruit plumping up nicely around this time of year and that is the magic of the sloe berry.

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Fern McCoyOctober: Sloe But Steady Wins The Race

Interview with the Husband and Wife team, Jonathan & Suzy Hobbs, behind Mr Hobbs Gin

by Fern McCoy on 6th September 2019 No comments

What made the Hobbs family best placed to release Henley’s first and only ‘Highly Spirited’ gin?

The Hobbs family tree dates back to 1585 in Henley, and Hobbs of Henley- the boat hire business- was founded by Harry Hobbs (Jonathan’s great, great, grandfather) in 1870. Harry built a hospitality business giving people a good time on the river. With this long association with Henley and the river, we felt a first Henley Gin named after our founder made perfect sense.

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Fern McCoyInterview with the Husband and Wife team, Jonathan & Suzy Hobbs, behind Mr Hobbs Gin

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” – William Shakespeare

by Fern McCoy on 3rd September 2019 No comments

They think it’s all over, it is now!

As the parents rejoice, and the kiddiewinks head back into full time education, we know that the sunniest season is drawing to a close.

There’s still lots on the Mr Hobbs Gin agenda to keep us out of trouble though. September has many delights in store even if the weatherman doesn’t.

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Fern McCoy“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” – William Shakespeare

Let Us Take You On A Sojourn Down Memory Lane

by Fern McCoy on 30th August 2019 No comments

Mr Hobbs Gin is Henley’s first Highly-Spirited gin and part of our family boating business Hobbs of Henley. We have a bit of a unique story when it comes to our journey into the world of gin which we’d like to share a little snippet of for your reading pleasure.

Back in 1870 Mr Harry Hobbs, founder of Hobbs and Sons (now Hobbs of Henley) and local publican, was renowned throughout the town of Henley on Thames for his flamboyant beard and high-spirited nature. Today, you will find his cheerful face proudly emblazoned on the Mr Hobbs Gin bottles where he has taken up formal residency since our launch in 2017.

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Fern McCoyLet Us Take You On A Sojourn Down Memory Lane

Summer Soirees and The Cocktails to Compliment Them

by Fern McCoy on 2nd August 2019 No comments

The Great British Summertime: A period of shindigs and celebrations. Will it rain? Will it shine? We aren’t to know, nor should we care.

Perhaps a spot of boules on the lawn is your idea of a blow out or maybe you prefer an all weather wingding? Either way, pick your poison, it’s August which means it’s time for a good old fashioned jollification with your chosen chums.

Whether you’re organising a traditionally civilised English garden party or an all out raucous hootenanny- we’ve got the perfect cocktails to galvanise your guests.

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Fern McCoySummer Soirees and The Cocktails to Compliment Them