Fern McCoy

Life Happens, Cocktails Help

by Fern McCoy on 12th May 2020 No comments

Is it time to up your locktail game? We aren’t quite sure if we are coming or going, staying in or allowed out? But one thing is for sure, happy hour starts at 5pm and no one can taint that with ambiguity.

Here’s a few ideas to titivate your set up at home (or in the garden- British weather permitting!) and hopefully spark a little joy in the most unprecedented of times.

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Fern McCoyLife Happens, Cocktails Help

Reasons to Be Grateful

by Fern McCoy on 25th March 2020 2 comments

Hands up if you’re spending a tad more time in the homestead than usual! Yes, us too.

It’s been sort of a rather hazy and bizarre couple of weeks hasn’t it? And that’s not from too many Mr Hobbs Gin’s before you ask 😉

The current state of play has come with its challenges but has highlighted some wonderful reasons to be grateful.

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Fern McCoyReasons to Be Grateful

March Madness With A Bevy of Bevvies

by Fern McCoy on 10th March 2020 No comments

As the lovely, locals will well know, we have been somewhat submerged by the latest flooding in Henley. Along the waterfront is currently unrecognisable so now we are hoping for a little more sunshine and a lot less showers in the next few weeks.

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Fern McCoyMarch Madness With A Bevy of Bevvies

Mr Hobbs Gin- A Love Story

by Fern McCoy on 22nd January 2020 No comments

Love is in the air, everywhere we look around.

February, the month we celebrate Saint Valentine and all things amoré. It’s a time for gift giving, gift receiving, and secret admirers can present themselves, all in the name of luuuurve. Well, at Mr Hobbs Gin, you may be surprised to know, we have a little office romance of our own and it’s about time we spill the beans.

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Fern McCoyMr Hobbs Gin- A Love Story

Mr Hobbs Gin’s New Years Resolutions

by Fern McCoy on 8th January 2020 No comments
Happy New Year

Dearest Discerning Drinkers,

We hope you had the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years. It’s that time again where we take stock and look forward to everything that 2020 has in store. Here you will find our very own Mr Hobbs Gin New Year’s Resolutions:

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Fern McCoyMr Hobbs Gin’s New Years Resolutions

The Good And Proper Way To Make A G&T

by Fern McCoy on 1st November 2019 No comments

At the risk of causing outright controversy, even we can admit, gin has totally and utterly exploded to the point of unrecognition.

That’s why we think it’s important to take a step back, look at the facts and relay to your fine selves what the good and proper way to make a G&T is.

This is done in stages, you won’t skip any step along the way, do-not-pass-go-do-not-collect-200.

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Fern McCoyThe Good And Proper Way To Make A G&T

Spooky Sipping: Halloween Gin Cocktails

by Fern McCoy on 21st October 2019 No comments

All hallows eve approaches and thus, so do the parties.

Whether you’re hosting at home, attending a do or taking the little ones out to accept sweeties from strangers; gin will certainly be needed.

Behold three options to keep the whistles whet and the ghoulies at bay.

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Fern McCoySpooky Sipping: Halloween Gin Cocktails

Proud New Members of The Gin Guild

by Fern McCoy on 15th October 2019 No comments
Our Co-Founders Suzy & Jonathan Hobbs are proud to announce they were installed as Wardens of The Gin Guild as Brand Owners of Mr Hobbs Gin, and were amongst the new members joining The Gin Guild and taking their oath at The Mansion House, London on 11th October 2019.
The Gin Guild brings together gin distillers and industry leaders involved in the production, promotion, distribution and consumption of gin. It promotes and encourages commitment to excellence in gin distillation and industry custodianship of the spirit category.
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Fern McCoyProud New Members of The Gin Guild

October: Sloe But Steady Wins The Race

by Fern McCoy on 1st October 2019 No comments

October often conjures up images of plush green turning to brown and the leaves falling to make way for the Winter months.

Sunrise is shrouded in mist, there’s a nip in the air that suggests nothing will survive the cold that’s in store. This is just not true though. There is one rather sumptuous, cobalt blue fruit plumping up nicely around this time of year and that is the magic of the sloe berry.

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Fern McCoyOctober: Sloe But Steady Wins The Race